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At Veranda Technologies, we don't just meet some of your needs... we can handle almost any job, big or small. From onsite hardware and software support to employee training to hosted solutions, we are your local one-stop-shop. We know what we're great at... and what we're not. We will not quote work that we wouldn't be able to complete under your projected timeline, or work that is out of our normal scope.


Server, Computer & Printer Support

Do you need occasional maintenance for your corporate desktops and laptops? Do you have a server that sits in a back room somewhere that you just don't have time to learn?

We are experts who have been working with servers, desktops, laptops, firewalls, routers and all types of networks for over a decade. Please give us a call and let us discuss with you the ways we can help.


Network Security

We are frightened almost every time we go into a new client's office. Why? Because most small offices run some type of anti VIRUS software, but they do not have ANYTHING protecting them from malware (spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers)

Even worse, we see a very large number of clients who may have the right software, but it's expired or not set up properly. So, they THINK it's working, but only for old threats.


Virus & Malware Protection

Are you getting a large number of popups when surfing online? Is your computer running slower than you remember it used to?

We don't want to scare you, but at least 90% of the computers we put our hands on while working with customers, contain malicious software. And while some of it may just be creating popup windows to sell you things, most of it is doing stuff like logging your keystrokes, seeing what banks you use and trying to access personal information. We can scan your machines to help determine just how bad of a spot you're in.


Disaster Recovery & Backups

Is your data really backed up? Have you ever tried to restore data from a few weeks back and not been able to access an important file? How fast can your company recover from a system failure?

Most companies have some type of backup solution in place, but almost none ever do periodic tests to ensure that what is being backed up can be recovered if it were needed. Even worse, most backups in use are not backing up everything they should be. Please let us check yours and avoid a catastrophic loss.


Spam Filtering Solutions

No doubt, spam is one of the largest problems that computers users face. It accounts for lost productivity, a lot of frustration and it's a pretty big source of where viruses and spyware come from.

There are many different spam solutions available today. Some hosted, some in-house... some done at the server level, some scan locally on each PC... some are very expensive, some fairly affordable. But how do you know which is right for you? We can help!


Website & Email Hosting

Do you have a website that sits out on some server somewhere? And what about your email accounts? Where do they live? And more importantly, how much are you paying for them to be hosted?

In the past few years, online hosting costs have decreased significantly. We know the best solutions to use and what they should cost!

Ask us how you can be saving.


Network Wiring

Whether it's adding a new wall jack in a room that didn't previously have a data or phone line, or moving a server room down the hall, we are equipped to handle most small and medium sized wiring jobs.

And we don't just run the cables... we run them neatly. Then we label them and document all termination points electronically so there is never a question about what the other end of the cable connects to.


Remote Help Desk Solutions

It is amazing just how much can be resolved or answered remotely these days, and Veranda Tech utilizes many of the newest and most effective tools that make it possible. Many of the problems our customers face are resolved just minutes after they call or email us.

Don't think that by using a consulting firm you'll be paying a fortune every time something goes wrong. Ask us for a free demo of just how easy it is for us to get connected to you remotely.


Software Deployment

Over the past decade, have have worked with thousands of software applications. From the common packages used by many like QuickBooks, Office, & Tax Products, to very rare software; some that was even written for one specific purpose for only one company.

So we're experts in the area of software deployment and troubleshooting. If you have a new application that needs to be rolled out, we can help plan the project, prepare your employees and properly deploy it for you.


Training & Documentation

One of the things we learn pretty quickly when we start working with new customers is that most problems that arise have also happened previously. But since it was a long time ago and nobody remembers exactly what occured, they are once again left putting together a puzzle.

We document the work we do, and if necessary, put it into plain-english printed form for your staff. We can create training materials, in printed or electronic form, for just about any process.

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